Welcome to my offbeat world of photography, where I went from coding to capturing the wild side with a smile!

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Welcome to my quirky corner of the internet, where I'm a hobby photographer with an uncanny knack for capturing the wild and wacky side of life! Picture this: I started my photography escapades in India around 15 years ago, all while juggling my day job as a web developer. On weekends, I transformed into a hiking guru, leading expeditions that eventually birthed a wildlife tourism group. Who would have thought that one could go from coding websites to chasing wild creatures with a camera?

My love affair with wildlife photography began when I had a close encounter with a wild tiger at Tadoba Wildlife Reserve in 2007. That tiger had a look in its eye that said, "You're gonna be obsessed with me," and it was absolutely right. I've since scoured every tiger reserve in India, snapping shots that even Tarzan would envy. But amidst all the wildlife antics, my hobbies remain constant: hiking, traveling, and photography.

A perfect day for me? Picture waking up to the sunrise on a serene mountain, spying on wild critters without turning into their lunch, and ending the day feeling like a proud survivor of the wild (minus the scars). My dreams for the future involve trotting across the globe and squeezing every ounce of adventure out of life. So, what's my master plan? Well, I'm trying to earn enough to fund my globetrotting ambitions, and I'm on a mission to turn my passion into a profession.

Oh, and did I mention I'm a bit of a nerd? When I'm not busy chasing critters or coding, you'll find me in the company of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and sci-fi galaxies. And, just for kicks, I dabble in my own software development projects. Currently, I'm the head honcho of digital development in a branding agency, a job I adore almost as much as my wild adventures.

So, come along on this hilariously wild ride as I continue to explore and capture the world's quirkiest moments. Who knows what oddities we'll stumble upon next? Thanks for visiting my photography showcase, where laughter and adventure are always in the frame!